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Aje tarim ilaç üretim Müh Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti was established in 2006. Started operating tp divisions; manufacturing division and trading division.

Manufacturing division of 6.000 m2 manufacturing and storage area aims to present or to produce special products for the market needs inside Turkey with a corporation and direct joint venture with a Switzerland company, Aje GmbH.

We have developed more than 40 fertilizers. And, we sell directly to distribution channels in 7 different regions in Turkey. Our distributors are in Konya, Urfa, Adana, Izmir, Corum, Antalya, Denizli.

The second division is the import and distribution division which started with import and representation of many international brands with a sales team and promoters, ten vehicles, 3 warehouses, to take responsibility of distribution of imported fertilizers for some international factories to cover more than 40 fertilizers sales channels inside Turkey. Our sales team is also covering big farms and sale direct to big farms with support of our fertilizers specialists in order to address the needs of these farms and solve plants problems.



Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. strategic plan is going step by step to develop its manufacturing and distribution system by involving the most modern technology with a corporation of our partners from all around of the world like DAC (Delaware Agricultural Chemicals Company) and with the help of our research and development sister company AJE GmbH. And by representing international business leaders introducing the best quality of fertilizers to the Turkish market to become the well known fertilizer source for every farm.



Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Operates under a set of common business development objectives and strategies. These are structured with flexibility to allow adoption according to the needs and requirements of each business divisions.


A- Human Resource Development:

Our management organizational system is structured to insure achievement of recruiting and training dedicated and diligent stuff able to work under an environment that encourages high productivity and high level of achievement. We have instituted within our organizational system asset of management and operational guidelines that would insure prevalence of the right work of the environement.


B- Facilities:

Each business division is fully supported with essential facilities of appropriate standards to insure the division to operate and perform its functions under the right procedures. This includes the followings.

1- Fertilizers manufacturing facility with equipped most modern manufacturing and refilling production lines.

2- Offices supported with appropriate information technology.

3- Very good connection with government sector.

4- Warehouses with proper inventory system.

5- Means of transportation of stuffing goods.

6- Training and education our team.


C- Market Development Objectives and Strategies:

Our policy is to ensure that each division operates with pragmatic market development objectives and strategies. Targeting the following areas

1- To retain customer loyalty through marketing programs oriented towards winning customers’ confidence and satisification

2- Market entry and penetration strategies are to ensure satisfactory market positioning of products with the aim of acquiring appropriate market share

3- We study very well the products and the nature of the market to determine and define market segments and market niches for each product.

4- The distribution process must be planned with future outlook to achieve extensive geographical coverage in all Turkish regions.

5- To assist market trends and evaluate performance through periodic market research.

6- Products and service pricing structure must be set in a competitive and profitable way.

7- To institute promotional and advertising programs to support the overall market development plans.

8- Maintain continous supply of products to ensure their availability at all times.

D- Financial Objectives and Strategies:

In conformity with our basic business go to the realize profit , Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti ‘ s  financial objectives and strategy are set for each division to operate financially as an independent profit center. To make such divisions self sustaining business units, able to generate profit and expand its business by virtue of its own success. By this approach, each division is to allocate resources optimally for investment or operational requirements.



Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti approach in representing foreign principles is to establish a relationship in the form of an alliance, aimed at achieving mutual corporation and coordination beneficial to the partnership. The business development policy is to be structured and built on team work and shared investment to maximize market share of the products involved. Overall, the relationship should emphisize high level of performance to in hence positive image and reputation for the products and support services involved.




A- Market Leadership:

To achive leadership in its trading activities by instutiating pragmatic and objective business strategies that will ensure:

1- Establishment of positive image and in disputable reputation for Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti as a manufacturing and commercial company oriented to customers and their needs.

2- Marketing high quality products and support services at competitive prices.

3- The attainment of clear understanding of the market conditions instituting flexibility to adopt to changes in the social economic environment of the market.


B- Management System:

To adopt and efficent business management system that in stills positive values within the company capable of:

1- Permitting Aje Tarim İlac Üretm Müh. Hizm. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti to operate as manufacturer and commercial integrated unit while allowing each business division to function as an independent profit center.

2- Maximizing motivation of its human resources towards higher productivity.

3- Achieving efficiency incorporate resource allocation with the ultimate goal of realizing profits.

4- Establishing a strong alliance and communication base with business partners represented.

5- Reinvesting retained earnings to improve and expand its business activities.


 Value addition to the Turkish fertilizer business:


Each person of our distribution channels and partners should add specific value to the customers’ needs.


Business Relations and Products Development:

Sustainable relationships and growth with both customers and manufacturers.


Competitors Complacency:

The fact there is no other supplier with a complete solution backed with local support, has made the competitor compulsent. We can exploit this by providing a complete technical support for every fertilizer channel creating team of capable and loyal sales channel parntners supported by an aggressive marketing team ensuring wide spectrum of customers allover Turkey.



Our business is based on marketing philosophy and not trading philosophy by set up of a strong business model for retailers and value adding partners from all over the world.



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